The Antidote

In times like these we are reminded that we are better together.
We are grieving, healing and becoming better together
but not everybody is that fortunate.

It is important to have gratitude towards your privilege but let that not blind you
from the feeling of the hour - Solidarity over Charity.
Whilst we’d be in a better space if we think charity will take care of them,
the thinking can not stop there.

This is a humanist’s cry - a cry for compassion. Cry for empathy. Cry for equality. Respect your fellow being and learn from them as their pain can only be felt if you swap places.

And like us when you are lost in the thoughts of “what is happening” and “what can I do be about it” - Express.

For, the future of humanity resides uncomfortably in your thoughts. Yes, yours.
Compassionate Piece of writing by @itsdedeepyareddy 🖤

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