Brand : ARIAS
Product : Skin Care & Beauty
Photography & Creative Direction : Gaurav Doshi
Agency : Fruitbowl Digital
International Women's Day Campaign.
Mrs. Poonam Chablani Garg
Anchor, travel agent, successful property consultant, ex NCC cadet and current coordinator who has dedicated her life to the protection of the environment. She’s organised and participated in over 500 beach cleanups, Tree plantation drives, Plastic pollution awareness drives, organ donation movements and blood donation camps.
Mrs. Joanita Figueiredo, the eternal optimist who defeated her stage 4 cancer without chemo!

A medical attendant, nutritionist, yoga teacher and the founder of the one-of-a-kind Metta Reflexology Center, run by the visually impaired, Mrs. Jonita is nothing short of a legend.

She has devoted her life to the betterment and security of the visually impaired.
She’s also a panelist for Cancer the Disease- Beyond Medicine and an active participant at Sanjeevani, a non profit that provides support for patients undergoing cancer treatment.
A master at reiki, pranic healing, hypnotherapy and reflexology, is there anything that this super woman cannot do?

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