Being part of "The Himalayan Odyssey 2022" has been all about travelling the paths left alone.
I bought this beautiful Jet on May 3rd, this year and soon as you see, it was moving through the mountains. #interceptor650twin
"The Golden Hour 🌞" Our Day 5 of Himalayan Odyssey 2022, Travelled some 170 Kms from Narkanda to Kalpa through some ghats, ascends and descends. This post is for the breathtaking view of Kinnaur Kailash Mountain ⛰. Kalpa welcomed us with this beautiful view, lovely air and some really nice chill weather.
This was Day 8 of The Himalayan Odyssey 2022. We were taking our beasts 🏍 from the most dangerous, adventurous and longest off-roads starting up from Kaza to Keylong (190kms). In the middle of nowhere, we were stuck in a traffic jam with this beautiful view and the natives of the mountains.
Day 9. On our way to Sarchu from Keylong. It was an easy ride of 100km with 80% Tarmac road. The real special moment was the place we had reached, the altitude we had gained (13,783 ft) and the Views 🏔 from the Top! This is my brother Arjun Chhabra an amazing friend and a great rider.
Welcome to the More Plains, a 40km stretch of road without any human population or green vegetation . It’s surroundings are strong rocky mountain ranges with high speed winds blowing throughout the way.💨 It’s bumpy at times and it’s beautiful too, but this highway will definitely make you feel endlessness when you are halfway through.
We were on our way to Umling La from Loma and we saw the most beautiful scenery out there. It was a blissful moment for us and it was even more beautiful to watch these amazing animals running from one place to other in a straight pattern and surviving at 15,000+ ft. #naturelove
This is the Day 12 of HO and the day we all waited for! It was our ascend to the Highest motor able pass in the World , Umling La (Altitude: 19024 ft.) On our way from Loma to UmLing La, we went through 130 Kms of Off-roads and this picture is of Muteeb Zoheb a real dare devil and a best friend made in the mountains! He just ran with his motorcycle through all terrains and I was lucky to get a great shot of him riding through this one. Also, sand patches are more likely hating your tires when you are over them!
Returning back from Umling La to Loma. With no roads at all, we made our paths through long stretches of gravels. Over speeding was a no go for me, as my interceptor had the normal stock tires and not the off-road ones. The beauty was the way the bike handled on the slippery patches and rocky paths.
Photo Captured by my dear friend - Arjun chhabra.

Finally, That’s me riding!!
Himalayan Odyssey has been a very adventurous, Life changing and transformative experience. It’s not just the views but the roads as well, it’s not about the bikes but the people we meet. Crossed a lot of terrains, went through a lot of pain and gathered a lot of self motivation. Our mind can achieve what it can believe.

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